The Final Countdown

So, the work that has been completed regarding the resumes and cover letters is finally due. I took the time last night to peer review a fellow cadets cover letters. Again, I cannot stress enough how much peer reviewing benefits your own writing and obviously helps theirs as well. I found very few grammatical errors but I found several problems with the composition of the letter. 

To start, there was one sentence as the first paragraph just stating how they are applying for the internship, and how they found out about it. Nothing really wrong with that however, that was all that was written and then the second paragraph just stated much of the same information that was on the resume. Which is also fine, however it was very impersonal. That resume could have been just handed out at any company and it would have been relevant but not specific at all. 

My main advice to this prospective internship seeker was to just go through the website of the company and pick out the points that they like and expand a little further on them in the cover letter. I said that they need to make the reader understand that they know about the company, are willing to do research, and really take their job seriously. 

My papers are all printed out and in my Business Communications folder ready to go for class. I figured I should write this blog posting now before I forget as always. I look forward to going over these papers in class today.


Coming all together.

Last week I was very busy with baseball, and school and got all caught up in that stuff that I completely forgot about my blog posts. So to all you blog followers out there, I am very sorry for the delay.

This past week I have been working on perfecting my cover letters, as well as making sure my resume looks properly formatted and perfect. I have done a little further research on my companies and plan to submit applications this week. The process of making all of these documents as official and professional looking was very educating. It was because I really read over every single sentence and made sure that it sounded correct, and it was flawless. I really did enjoy doing this because not only was it an assignment and I was required to do it, but I am actually using it for my prospective internships. Hopefully, this will pay off and possibly get me an interview or even a job at a company that I would like to work for.

When I read a few other cover letters in my group, I would dig deep and try my hardest to perfect it. To find if there were any grammar errors (obviously) and then see if there were things they should change, or not have in their cover letter. I forget whose it was that I read, they had maybe 4 or 5 short paragraphs, and I picked up that two were of similar subjects and that they should be merged. Granted this is just a little suggestion, it made me feel like I was not just “reading” his cover letter, but I was trying to make it better and make it sound right.

Résumé Corrections

Wow, I have always thought that I had a great resume and that I never needed to change anything until this past week. I have tried to keep it as short and concise as possible, but as always there are problems. In yesterdays class, Ryan Sawyer had my resume to look over and evaluate. In the 20 second time trial resume review, he only noticed that I went to MMA (which I am pretty sure everyone wrote down) and that I went to the Panama Canal and worked for Maersk. Granted these are two of my most major items in my resume, there are still plenty of things that I would like the reader to know about me. The twenty second test is really an eye opener, and it shows exactly what HR would see if they read my resume.

After taking the advice from Ryan during class, I went back and edited my resume because today I had a scheduled meeting with Commander Richards for my resume. Every year (during the spring semester), Commander Richards gets every Junior and Senior to meet with her so she can go through each resume and make it the best that it can be. Walking in today I felt very confident because I knew that most people going in there just printed out their resume after not looking at it for a while and just figured it would be okay. I walked in and was in a way proud of myself for having gone over mine yesterday, and making corrections so recently. However, after two minutes my feelings of over achievement were gone, and I was sitting motionless in my chair watching a blur of red pen take over my “once perfect” resume. “Too much writing here….fonts too big… not enough writing here… explain this…. fonts too small….”, the list goes on. Either way, I was glad to get the advice from Commander Richards and now I will be in the best condition possible….hopefully.