Résumé Corrections

Wow, I have always thought that I had a great resume and that I never needed to change anything until this past week. I have tried to keep it as short and concise as possible, but as always there are problems. In yesterdays class, Ryan Sawyer had my resume to look over and evaluate. In the 20 second time trial resume review, he only noticed that I went to MMA (which I am pretty sure everyone wrote down) and that I went to the Panama Canal and worked for Maersk. Granted these are two of my most major items in my resume, there are still plenty of things that I would like the reader to know about me. The twenty second test is really an eye opener, and it shows exactly what HR would see if they read my resume.

After taking the advice from Ryan during class, I went back and edited my resume because today I had a scheduled meeting with Commander Richards for my resume. Every year (during the spring semester), Commander Richards gets every Junior and Senior to meet with her so she can go through each resume and make it the best that it can be. Walking in today I felt very confident because I knew that most people going in there just printed out their resume after not looking at it for a while and just figured it would be okay. I walked in and was in a way proud of myself for having gone over mine yesterday, and making corrections so recently. However, after two minutes my feelings of over achievement were gone, and I was sitting motionless in my chair watching a blur of red pen take over my “once perfect” resume. “Too much writing here….fonts too big… not enough writing here… explain this…. fonts too small….”, the list goes on. Either way, I was glad to get the advice from Commander Richards and now I will be in the best condition possible….hopefully.


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