Coming all together.

Last week I was very busy with baseball, and school and got all caught up in that stuff that I completely forgot about my blog posts. So to all you blog followers out there, I am very sorry for the delay.

This past week I have been working on perfecting my cover letters, as well as making sure my resume looks properly formatted and perfect. I have done a little further research on my companies and plan to submit applications this week. The process of making all of these documents as official and professional looking was very educating. It was because I really read over every single sentence and made sure that it sounded correct, and it was flawless. I really did enjoy doing this because not only was it an assignment and I was required to do it, but I am actually using it for my prospective internships. Hopefully, this will pay off and possibly get me an interview or even a job at a company that I would like to work for.

When I read a few other cover letters in my group, I would dig deep and try my hardest to perfect it. To find if there were any grammar errors (obviously) and then see if there were things they should change, or not have in their cover letter. I forget whose it was that I read, they had maybe 4 or 5 short paragraphs, and I picked up that two were of similar subjects and that they should be merged. Granted this is just a little suggestion, it made me feel like I was not just “reading” his cover letter, but I was trying to make it better and make it sound right.


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