Well, this past class has absolutely took us one or MAYBE two steps in the right direction. As soon as we sat down, everyone in the group had good ideas and wanted to put it all together. We have made a decision who is going to write about what. Ed is going to focus on the governments take on the Safe Drinking Water Act and its relation to Halliburton, Dick Cheney, and congress. Johnny is going to look at the agriculture, people, and livestock affected by the contaminated water that has seeped into peoples water supply. James will research opposing arguments and their theories and statements. Brian will be doing the opening of the presentation that is related to the introduction of “fracking” and why it has to take place and who is involved. I will be focusing on the closing of the project, summing it all up. Also, since it was my topic that was chosen, I am the one that will be piecing the powerpoint together to make sure it is smooth and looks like ONE presentation. I feel that we are definitely ahead of the other groups and also, our topic is maybe 10 to 20 times more interesting then all of theirs combined. 


Writing, Research, Organization, and TEAMWORK

Talking to a few other classmates about their projects, they are comprehensive about it. They want to get it done, however are a little nervous about presenting for almost an entire class period. I have to say I do feel the same way. It’s not that I am afraid of public speaking or anything, when I am by myself I am aware of my knowledge in relation towards the topics, what I am going to say, et cetera… When I am standing infront of a group of people, with another group of people I feel more vulnerable because I do not know exactly what they are capable of, or if they have done their share of work, or even if they know anything about the topic! These are all things that go through my head when doing group presentations. People always say “your only as strong as your weakest link” and I would hate for a “weak link” to have a negative effect on my grade. 

I have done a little more research on the topic and wrote down a few main point about how I feel we should break up the workload of this project. I think splitting up the categories into subcategories will make it easier on each of the group members to focus on one topic and actually ace that topic rather then try to piece together different parts of each subcategory. I can only hope that everything gets done in a nice, organized, clean looking fashion.

Class Teaching

Recently the past few weeks, I have completely forgotten to blog. I have been preoccupied with baseball, and school that it has slipped my mind. 

After discussing the groups proposals, we have decided on using my topic to teach the class with. I am not sure if this is good or bad for me. I look at it in two different ways. The good side, is that I picked a good idea, and I guess I can be proud of my choice and my proposal. On the other hand, now all the eyes are on my for leadership in the group because it was my topic. I hope that I can be a relatively team based leader and help our group complete this teaching assignment. 

Our presentation is on May 9th, so we do have some time to prepare. On the first meeting we all decided to base our teaching off of a powerpoint, along with a few educational video clips. We feel that this approach will not only break up the monotony of standing in front of a group of peers, but it will also keep everyone interested in this visual education. 

The two main topics within this subject that we decided to focus on are the unethical hydraulic fracturing practices of Halliburton, also the fact that the government has been on their side the entire time. I look forward to completing this “teaching” assignment.


Group Three

The past week has flown by just like every week at MMA, and all three hours of Business Communication went by in the blink of an eye. Our group meeting on Tuesday proved to be very helpful to every group member mainly because we all settled on topics that, as individuals, we feel confident in. Also, we made sure that we did not have the same topics. 

My topic was based off of my viewing of the movie Gasland, which is about the oil company Halliburton and their hydraulic fracturing methods. After watching this movie a few years back, it really opened my eyes to not only the corruptness of companies in America, but also the American Government. 

There 2005 vote in congress to allow hydraulic fracturing companies to “frack” at their own leisure and not worry about the Safe Drinking Water Act (1974). Throughout Gasland, people all across the country are highlighted, and focused upon because of problems that were brought to them because of Halliburton. Most of the people were seeing their farm animals getting sick or even dying. Also, there were several cases where people could ignite the water coming out of their sink faucet with a match. Some of the people that were close enough to the drilling were experiencing lung issues because of the thick air pollution. 

Next week, our proposals to further research our topic will be discussed throughout the group and I genuinely hope that this topic will be heavily considered.