Class Teaching

Recently the past few weeks, I have completely forgotten to blog. I have been preoccupied with baseball, and school that it has slipped my mind. 

After discussing the groups proposals, we have decided on using my topic to teach the class with. I am not sure if this is good or bad for me. I look at it in two different ways. The good side, is that I picked a good idea, and I guess I can be proud of my choice and my proposal. On the other hand, now all the eyes are on my for leadership in the group because it was my topic. I hope that I can be a relatively team based leader and help our group complete this teaching assignment. 

Our presentation is on May 9th, so we do have some time to prepare. On the first meeting we all decided to base our teaching off of a powerpoint, along with a few educational video clips. We feel that this approach will not only break up the monotony of standing in front of a group of peers, but it will also keep everyone interested in this visual education. 

The two main topics within this subject that we decided to focus on are the unethical hydraulic fracturing practices of Halliburton, also the fact that the government has been on their side the entire time. I look forward to completing this “teaching” assignment.



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