Well, this past class has absolutely took us one or MAYBE two steps in the right direction. As soon as we sat down, everyone in the group had good ideas and wanted to put it all together. We have made a decision who is going to write about what. Ed is going to focus on the governments take on the Safe Drinking Water Act and its relation to Halliburton, Dick Cheney, and congress. Johnny is going to look at the agriculture, people, and livestock affected by the contaminated water that has seeped into peoples water supply. James will research opposing arguments and their theories and statements. Brian will be doing the opening of the presentation that is related to the introduction of “fracking” and why it has to take place and who is involved. I will be focusing on the closing of the project, summing it all up. Also, since it was my topic that was chosen, I am the one that will be piecing the powerpoint together to make sure it is smooth and looks like ONE presentation. I feel that we are definitely ahead of the other groups and also, our topic is maybe 10 to 20 times more interesting then all of theirs combined. 


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