Writing, Research, Organization, and TEAMWORK

Talking to a few other classmates about their projects, they are comprehensive about it. They want to get it done, however are a little nervous about presenting for almost an entire class period. I have to say I do feel the same way. It’s not that I am afraid of public speaking or anything, when I am by myself I am aware of my knowledge in relation towards the topics, what I am going to say, et cetera… When I am standing infront of a group of people, with another group of people I feel more vulnerable because I do not know exactly what they are capable of, or if they have done their share of work, or even if they know anything about the topic! These are all things that go through my head when doing group presentations. People always say “your only as strong as your weakest link” and I would hate for a “weak link” to have a negative effect on my grade. 

I have done a little more research on the topic and wrote down a few main point about how I feel we should break up the workload of this project. I think splitting up the categories into subcategories will make it easier on each of the group members to focus on one topic and actually ace that topic rather then try to piece together different parts of each subcategory. I can only hope that everything gets done in a nice, organized, clean looking fashion.


One thought on “Writing, Research, Organization, and TEAMWORK

  1. Yes, Keith. Presenting with a group is always a little more nerve racking. Good experience for you, though, since group presentations are fairly common in the professional world. Practice is the key.

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